About Project

The Perpetual Presents Project:

A collaborative, student-led project between Glasgow School of Art and Byam Shaw School of Art, London.

We are interested in the collaborative process of curatorial practice. This is a student-led but educational institution-based project. During this exchange, we aim to blur the line between the original artwork and the documentation of that artwork: this is our investigation into the value of the ‘original’ in relation to that of the ‘displaced’ artwork.

The project will culminate in simultaneous opening nights. This simultaneity will be inserted into the space of the galleries with a live video feed between the two places, making visible the sum total of all the work submitted, and the two audiences gathered for one event.

Every work submitted will be included in the final exhibitions and listed in the catalog.

The logistics of submission

Through discussions, we have decided that this is about interrogating the single photograph as documentary medium. You will only submit one photograph of your original work to the other city.



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